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Highlighted Cats:
Tuxie Tuxie
Tuxie was trapped as a kitten along with her other siblings in a TNR operation. The foster who trapped her realized that she was a sweet wonderful little personality who sought out attention and love. So she is now ready for her forever family. She loves to play and chase balls and toys. Please more about Tuxie
Ali Ali
Ali is such a sweet kitten and adapts so well to her environment. Enjoys cuddles and purrs all the time. Very curious, will follow foster mom around everywhere. Now that all her siblings have been adopted she would really like to find a new home, and it would be a bonus if there is more about Ali
Molly Molly
Molly is a sweet girl who loves her human family. She is a fantastic little girl who loves to play with her toys especially the feather stick and balls with bells. Call Dex to arrange a play date. 850-766-2615  
Trixie (2) Trixie (2)
Trixie is a delightful wonderful Kittie who loves her humans. She is playful and plays with her feather toys and chases her toys. Her delightful little spirit and  spunky nature are a wonder to behold. Set up a play date with Dex Dexter at 850-766-2615.      
Little Bit Little Bit
Little Bit is a sweet 7 month old little girl who loves interacting with her human so much that she follows her around all day. She is her little shadow. Little bit also loves to play with her toys especially her feather toys. Come see for yourself this fabulous little soul who deserves a more about Little Bit
Sadie Sadie
Sadie came to Dexters Kitties from a kind neighbor who was looking out for her as her owners abandoned her and her kittens. The kittens have all found new homes and now it’s time for Sadie to find her perfect forever family. This is a super friendly girl who loves her humans  and plays more about Sadie
Jasmine Jasmine
Jasmine was found by a kind human wandering down a local sidewalk in a rainstorm. She was  turned over to her foster family to raise and discover her beautiful little personality. She is a very sweet little girl who likes to tap her humans on their leg to get your attention. She loves to more about Jasmine
Rin Rin
Rin is a 4 month old male and loves to play with his siblings. His favorite toys are feathers and laser pointer. He seeks out attention from his humans at night when everyone is relaxing. Come See this fabulous little soul. Call Dex Dexter at 850-766-2615 for a play date.    
Mystique Mystique
This beautiful little girl is a sweet playful little soul. She loves to interact with her humans and loves to chase her toys and brothers and sisters. Call Dex Dexter at 850-766-2615 to setup a play date.
Misty Misty
Misty is a lovely 1 year old  little girl who loves to interact with her human family members. She plays with other kitties wonderfully and already had a litter of lovely kittens who have all been adopted. She would make a wonderful companion to you and your family. Call Dex at more about Misty
Leone Leone
Leona is a wonderful little girl who loves to play with anyone she can find! She seeks out human contact and will play all day if allowed. Email Heidi at to set up a play date.  
Phoebe Phoebe
Phoebe is an amazing sweet three month old kitten. She loves to play with her fellow kittens and chase her toys. She seeks out her human foster parents for affection and love. Please send an email to to set up a play date with this amazing little girl.