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Emma Emma
Meet Emma, a cutie pie with the perfect mix of spunk and sweetness.  She'll purr with contentment sitting on your lap or chasing her little toys.  Her gorgeous coat is like a work of art and so very soft. She may grow into medium to long hair like her mama.  She's more about Emma
Lily Lily
Lily is a little shy to start with but once she knows you are her peeps, she purrs non stop for just about any reason.  She adores being petted (see video) and watching her play with her toys is super cute. Her markings are beautiful, check out that cool stripe down her nose.  She has more about Lily
Tuxie Tuxie
Tuxie was trapped as a kitten along with her other siblings in a TNR operation. The foster who trapped her realized that she was a sweet wonderful little personality who sought out attention and love. So she is now ready for her forever family. She loves to play and chase balls and toys. Please more about Tuxie
Sensei Sensei
Sensei is a very independent kitty who loves to be in high places and to be in her cat tree. She doesn’t mind other cats and makes kittie friends easily. She loves to be petted by her human friend foster parent. She just had a litter of kittens (she was a good mother), who all have been more about Sensei
Ali Ali
Ali is the most outgoing in her litter. Loves to be wherever her human is. Very playful and curious. Will be available July 8th. Apply online via Dexter's Kitties website...
Alpha Alpha
Alpha is a sweet and playful kitten about 3 months old. She will be available July 8th. Fill out an adoption application on the Dexter's Kitties website!  
Addie Addie
Addie is the most independent of her litter. She is perfectly happy playing on a cat tower or with toys. She will be available July 8th. Fill out an adoption application online with Dexter's Kitties...  
Lola Lola
Come and meet our delightful sweet Lola. She has finished nursing her 7 kittens and is now ready for a forever home. This is a sweet lovely girl. Call Dex at 850-766-2615 to set up a meet and greet!  
Molly Molly
Molly is a sweet girl who loves her human family. She is a fantastic little girl who loves to play with her toys especially the feather stick and balls with bells. Call Dex to arrange a play date. 850-766-2615  
Atlas Atlas
Atlas is a super sweet kitten about 3 months old who will be ready July 8th. He loves to cuddle and play. Has been a little timid around dogs and older cats but I think he would warm up to them with proper introductions. 
Trixie (2) Trixie (2)
Trixie is a delightful wonderful Kittie who loves her humans. She is playful and plays with her feather toys and chases her toys. Her delightful little spirit and  spunky nature are a wonder to behold. Set up a play date with Dex Dexter at 850-766-2615.      
Vesta Vesta
Vesta is a super special little girl. She is highly affectionate and seeks out her human for affection. She will wrap her tail around your legs to get your attention and meow at you to just say Hi! She is very playful and loves to chase her toys around the room.  Call Dex Dexter at more about Vesta